Daily Archives: January 6, 2004


Yesterday was one of those frustrating days where I spent hours and hours editing three different projects, and only finished one of them. I hate days like that; I feel like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. Yeah, yeah; I know that I invested x hours of work that brought me that much closer to the finish line; but I didn’t hit that finish line. So I’m goal-oriented. Sue me.

I re-read Balsamic Moon last night. Anything that makes me laugh out loud at parts has definite potential. I’d done my first edit, which usually consists of spelling and prettifying the obviously awkward prose, and as usual, I missed things which I’ll have to pick up on the second edit which should be late this month or early next month. It needs a bit of expansion, and a fleshed-out ending as opposed to the current two-page final chapter and single page of summarized postscript (hey, it was the evening of November 30, and I hated the novel by that point; I passed 50K and that was all that counted at the time), but all in all, it’s a solid piece of work with definite potential.

I’ve discovered that lately, all I want to read is occult-based fiction, and there’s not a heck of a lot out there that I haven’t already read. The obvious answer is that I’ll just have to write it, which is fine, as I’ve already started with my two NaNo novels. And the more published crap that I read, the more hope I have that my stuff is marketable. The dreck out there is really lowering the bar.

The kittens are bouncing off walls this morning. It’s a full moon tomorrow; evidently they’re celebrating early!