A Healthy Sense Of Humour

Dinner’s being made, so I’m still noodling about on the Wondrous Wide World of Web.

In seeking an author web site I found a welcome page for a hosting service which included the following:


Almost all of these sites assume you, Gentle Reader, don’t have a problem with one, more, or all of the following, and moreover that you are of a legal age, height, weight, state of mind, state of reason, or state of confusion to view this content in your community, city, town, village, borough, township, county, region, ZIP or Postal Code, state, province, area or city code, time zone, country, continent, hemisphere, planet, solar system, galaxy, or parallel dimension to view the content therein. Not all views expressed are those of Mike and Lorrie, and I’m quite certain that views expressed by some of the sites’ administrators are not shared by others. Viva free speech!

Non-Christian religions:

Neither Lorrie nor Mike follow an Abrahamic faith. Few of their friends do either. If that bothers you, browse somewhere else. This means that sites hosted here are cheerfully pagan, and almost all are of a Teutonocentric bent. That means Germanic. That does emphatically not mean “racist prat.” Just so we’re clear.

Unusual spiritual practices:

Not only do we worship strange gods, but we wholly advocate doing odd things with them once you have Their attention. Magic, poring over quaint, dusty volumes of forgotten lore, several other things. Mind you, people who didn’t bail after the first one probably aren’t going to leave us here, but I thought you should know.

I like people who display healthy senses of humour. It’s good for the soul.

Apparently NASA had a sense of humour at one point too, but the proof’s been removed:

Told for the truth, guys. NASA actually has a document on what to do in case of a Viking Raid. Here at last is proof that NASA and the government does have a sense of humor after all! (Has now been moved from the original NASA site…updated as of 11/17/99) (Found on this list of barbarian literature, of all places. I’m looking for Diana Paxson links, okay?)

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