Various Things

“Want to watch The Fellowship of the Ring tonight?” I ask my husband as we finish unpacking groceries and washing dishes. I’m antsy, waiting for the theatrical release of The Two Towers to come out on DVD in a month.

He checks the clock; evaluates his mood; thinks about bedtime, and where to work dinner in.

“Sure,” he says.

It’s not just like tossing in a Disney movie, after all. You’re talking about a four-hour commitment, for which you’ll probably have to pack a lunch, or at least a snack.

To my astonishment, I discovered today that Emily has linked me on her writing blog! You all remember my references to Emily Horner and her word count acting as my stick and/or carrot from last November, I’m sure? I stop by her writing log every week or so. I tend to read entries as opposed to scanning links on the blogs that I read (although for kicks sometimes I click on a random link on someone’s page), so I have no clue when this happened, but I’m terribly tickled. I’m always tickled when I find that somone who isn’t a personal friend, who only knows me from my blog or on-line presence, has linked me.

And finally, from Caitlin R Kiernan:

“Where do you get your ideas?” Strike that. Reverse it.

“Where do they get me?”

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