On The Fickleness Of Technology

You know, yesterday started off as such a fantastic day, and in the last couple of hours it went spiralling down in flames. This was made even more irritating by the fact that we were supposed to be celebrating Tal’s birthday, and I so desperately wanted to enjoy myself, but events conspired against me. I should have just stayed home.

A lot of the Bad Day-ness revolves around my wretched little smear of a printer and its thirty-dollar ink cartridges which require replacement much, much too often for the amount of printing that I do. It wouldn’t be so bad if the printer didn’t consume vast quantities of ink for no reason, particularly coloured ink, which I don’t use often at all. The printer requires both a functional black and colour cartridge in order to print in black only, for some lame reason, and yesterday not only did my colour cartridge run out, the printer decided to not recognise the new cartridges I put into it.

I will own a new printer by the weekend. The nice man in the independent print shop around the corner told me that many people had problems with this particular model and showed me a Canon printer priced at just under a hundred dollars, which prints faster than the one I’ve currently got and whose cartridges cost only six dollars. Since I have paid the original price of this printer several times over in ink cartridges alone over the past year I’ve owned it, I have no problem buying the new printer. One hundred dollars is equal to buying three cartridges for my current printer, after all..

So, please consider this a public apology to everyone whom I didn’t speak with last night at the pub. The demise of my printer fouled up three seperate projects all scheduled to be completed just before I left last night. That, plus half an hour looking for a parking space (which always puts me in a foul mood) made me Hel to be with. After such a terrific day, it was a real disappointment.

The good news, though, is that I won ten dollars on a lottery ticket. I feel smug, somehow.

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