Well! Useful spam at last:

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Yes! This is much more useful than more university degrees, webcam porn and enlarging sexual organs that I don’t personally possess!

Another moving update: as of this afternoon, kitchen mostly packed, books mostly packed. Thanks, guys. Fun and productive.

I missed orchestra tonight by a simple miscalculation: my husband had scheduled a box run over to the new apartment with Skippy. As the car cannot be in two places at once, and since we only realised this at 6.30 PM, there wasn’t time to try to find another lift out to the West Island. He loaded up the car and left while I began to pack the bedroom closet. He was back half an hour later. “Done already?” I said. “No,” he replied, “they turned the power off so the electricians could finish rewiring the building, and it hasn’t been turned back on yet so it’s pitch-black and we can’t see to carry boxes up the stairs. They’re still in the car.”

Drat. This means I missed the orchestra ensemble photo for nothing.

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