Owlet: 46 Months!

Slowly chipping away at the backlog… this post dates back to 4 June.

I’ve realized that I need to start documenting Owlet’s art more. She brings things home from preschool that go up on her door for a while and then get taken down as she brings new art home, and it’s usually ratty or torn by that point, so into the recycling it goes.

It’s spring, so they did a lot of bug and bird art at school this past month. This is a caterpillar made of a bamboo skewer and pompoms! There is a paper leaf on the front end for it to nibble. They made a kind of mobile with twigs and branches they found on one of their walks, criss-crossed and tied together then hung from the ceiling; all the caterpillars were tucked into the assembly for parents to admire. When she brought it home, we put it in the enormous hibiscus plant that lives on top of her dresser.

They did an insect collage with some precut elements, but added their own grass, and additional bugs. The educators say it’s fun to watch how creative the kids can get with the non-precut stuff to make grass or flowers or other bugs. As a parent, it’s fun to look at how much the finished art varies from kid to kid.

And they built birdhouse pictures!

At home, her stories are becoming more elaborate, and weave together things that actually happened with imagined stuff (“and then” is rapidly becoming a phrase that makes me tense up, and is the latest in a series of things I’d like to apologize about to my mother, for having to cope with me doing the exact same thing when I was a child). Her educators have noticed this as well, and they’re having the same challenge we are, sifting through what she says to figure out what is real and what is added in. (For example, while it is impossible that we have a pet badger at home but it ran away and got lost, it is possible that we had a stuffed badger that was misplaced. Or, in this particular case, we don’t have a badger at all, real, stuffed, or lost.)

She sings a lot. Sometimes it’s actual songs; sometimes she just tells a story in a long song that she makes up. There is a lot of love for Muppet Treasure Island songs in particular happening these days. Her favourite book is currently Fancy Nancy and the Spectacular Spectacles, courtesy of Ceri, because Owlet desperately wanted glasses when I got my new pair. And her favourite movie is Song of the Sea, a film which I firmly believe ought to have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. (I liked Big Hero Six a lot, and it was very shiny, but Song of the Sea is a better film on many wonderful levels.)

The best new word she has come up with is ‘couchterfield,’ and I love it and want her to use it forever.

Finally, we have reached a point where she says she is big enough to not require the toddler seat on the toilet. Huzzah! Now if only she could understand that she does not need a length of toilet paper a metre long, we’d really be getting somewhere.

Her hair is long and spirals into absolutely killing ringlets. It also tangles easily, and like most kids she doesn’t like having her hair brushed. We try to stay on top of it by misting it in the morning and combing it out wit a bit of conditioner, then braiding it at night. We’ve been experimenting with updos to keep it out of her face, and those are fun, too. Or they are when we can get her past “Braid my hair like Elsa’s!”

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