TdF 2015: The First Week

The Tour de Fleece spinners have completed one full week of competition spinning! There have been so many inspiring photos in our team’s thread on Ravelry. I’ve had lots of time to spin, as we ended up having to stay in town and none of the anticipated work has landed in my inbox yet. Here’s what I’ve spun so far.

Just before the TdF began, I bought some stretchy cord (it’s glittery!) to test as drive band material. It took a bit of finicky adjusting on the Mazurka, but once I found the sweet spot, I love it. I put it on the Symphony for my third yarn in double drive, and I’m not as fond of it there; it’s noisy, for some reason.

This red heathered yarn (spun longdraw from a roving prep for a true woollen yarn) was my warmup as I tried spinning in double drive on the FrankenMazurka. Since I’ve been uncomfortable with double drive, I decided my first yarns would be spun that way on the wheel I’m less familiar with and therefore have fewer ingrained preferences about. I certainly have a much better understanding of it now! The red yarn is 58 yards of lovely, squooshy, two-ply Aran-weight yarn, from 35 g of fibre. (It’s from Upper Canada Village, actually; their roving is inexpensive, milled on site, and lovely to spin longdraw. I have a bunch of it in my stash.)

This is that lovely superwash Merino from Sweet Georgia Yarns, in the ‘Rustle’ colourway. It ended up being 183 yards of chain-plied DKish weight, which seemed short to me. Upon weighing the yarn I discovered that it was only 55 g, which was a relief; I’d thought it was 100.

This is what I’m currently working on; I’m spinning it on the Symphony. It’s a repeated rainbow sequence (reflected or palindromic, actually), but with pink instead of red. It was unidentified wool from a destash; I’ve since figured out it’s a longwool, possibly Teeswater or a Leicester. I’m spinning it as a single.

Today is a challenge day! These are tied to the challenging days in the actual Tour de France. Today the cyclists are facing a two-mile ride at a 7% incline; we set our own personal challenges as spinners. My idea for today was to give corespinning a serious go, but yesterday’s non-spinning life was such a challenge for me that I’m considering just finishing this longwool I’m currently spinning; I’m not sure I need anything that would stress me today. But in case I decide to try, I’m going to pop out to Michael’s as soon as it opens and pick up a base yarn for my first real attempt at corespinning. Also some superglue, because we are amassing a pile of broken figurines and toys that need to be addressed. (Frankly, the time out and away from the kids would be welcome, too. It was that kind of day yesterday.)

I have a lovely cup of tea, I caught Minerva playing with the new kitten this morning, and I finally found a physical copy of Elinor Frey’s new Berlin Sonatas CD yesterday in a local shop. I’m totally set to spin this morning.

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  1. Cats

    This is where I would benefit from having technique demonstrated right in front of me. I’d love to be a more technical spinner.


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