I did something not-very-bright yesterday. I made bad decisions, and I’m paying for them today.

The fibro is bad. The cold snap makes it worse. Struggling with heavy winter clothing is exhausting. Driving in the winter is draining, draining, draining. As an added bonus, I have a head cold, which on its own would be enough to put me on the chesterfield at this time of year with the fibro.

I don’t look sick. However, I am sick, with a chronic illness that is kicking my butt right now, like it does every winter; I just somehow forget how bad it gets.

I cancelled cello today. I am declaring a moratorium on all social events for the next two or three weeks except Tarasmas (unless I am literally unable to get out of bed that night). Regularly or already scheduled stuff will have to be evaluated as it comes. Work (sigh) and the basics like staying upright and remembering to eat have to come first.

In completely unrelated news, I have a new-to-me iPhone 3G. It is heavier than my first-gen Touch, and the on/off button is on the top right instead of the top left. These two things alone are throwing me off. There is a camera to play with (Cricket had the honour of being the first thing I photographed), and an interesting-sounding voice memo function that I can’t figure out yet. I have to go to the library to find a book on how to use an iPhone. Yes, I am that lame. I have the basics down — it’s essentially a more complex Touch, after all — but I’m going to need to know the why and how of things. At some point I will need to upgrade the iOS to the current version, and eventually initialise the actual phone part, too.

9 thoughts on “Hindsight

  1. jan

    Someone handed me an iPhone to make a phone call with last week, and I had to ask them how to use it – well, the keypad dissapeared and I had to ask how to get it back. And I used to program computers for a living…

  2. Frank C

    Oooh! New iPhone! That makes 2 friends who recently got one!

    You are not lame.

    Feel free to email if you have any questions…I thoroughly enjoy mine, perhaps too much.

  3. pasley

    I’m so sorry to hear that the fibro is beating you up; I wish you could kick its nasty butt right back!

    “Regularly or already scheduled stuff will have to be evaluated as it comes.”

    Let me know about Thursday, then . . . No guilt if you can’t . . . but I so very much want to see that movie!!!!!!!!! (But really about the no guilt thing.)


  4. Autumn Post author

    I really want to see it too, Paze. Really really really. But the immediate joy of seeing it may come with a price that will throw me back another two weeks, which rather lessens the joy in retrospect.

    I may have to send you off to see it alone, which will make me gnash my teeth a lot. I’ll let you know how I feel Thursday morning, though.

  5. pasley

    No movie is worth that sort of suckage, and I would feel absolutely terrible if you went to see it and then regretted it. But I wouldn’t enjoy seeing it without you, either. Since having kids has taught me all about delayed gratification when it comes to films (and other things) I’ll just wait until you’re feeling up to it, even if that means waiting until it comes out on DVD and we do a double feature of that and Bright Star (if you haven’t already seen it, that is).


  6. Bev Preston

    I know how you feel regarding fibro, so I sympathize based on my experience. I don’t know how you manage with a small child as well, although I know that Ron must be a great help.

    Rest and restore yourself, as I am still doing today after a very enjoyable but subsequently very draining Wednesday of shopping and having lunch with Paze. Awful, isn’t it, to have to pay for one’s innocent enjoyments?

  7. Autumn Post author

    Bev, it was hard when the boy was younger and home, but once he started preschool full-time and now is at school daily, it’s become a lot easier. And yes, it’s rather bitter to have to pay such a high price for low-key enjoyment.

  8. terry

    I sincerely hope that your fibro foe will disappear sooner rather than later.
    I find a bath with epson salts just before bed is very helpful during these terrible days.
    Happy v day!


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