Tuesday Log

Today my accomplishments included:

– business calls
– wove five inches of a new blanket
– did the programme notes
– translated the programme notes
– edited the recital programme
– practised for fifteen minutes (better than nothing)
– went out to buy the boy’s birthday present and some decorations for the party this weekend
– practised for another seventy-five minutes (trying to get the runs in the first movement of the Mendelssohn up to speed; working the pretty singing cello we’ve-got-the-theme moments of the second… in other words, going from first to seventh position, whee; plus my solo for the recital, and all my recital ensemble stuff)

Things that helped: Ceri has been sending me periodic e-mails reminding me to fret, which always makes me laugh. I acquired a Tolberone bar while out shopping for the boy’s gifts, and that also made the day happier.

Things that did not help: My first Quiznos experience. Yes, sandwich boy, I really do want a small ham and cheese on brown, with no spreads or sauces, and only lettuce. Asking me three times in disbelief doesn’t mean I have a low IQ or a communication problem, and your tone was, frankly, rather insulting. I’m the customer; I know what I want, and what I want is a sandwich not dripping with the excessive glop sandwich-makers pour over it. Just because I don’t want you to drown it in crap doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. Also, I didn’t want it toasted, and you didn’t ask; you just threw it in the oven. So you failed mightily in securing a return customer: instead you ensured that I will never walk into one of your franchises again.

On the schedule for tonight: Remembering to breathe.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Log

  1. Curtana

    I hate Quiznos exactly because of this – they don’t do customized sandwiches the way, say, Subway does. What it says on the menu is what they’ll make, and they get confused and/or pissy when asked for anything that deviates from that, even if it’s just as simple as ‘don’t put on the sauce’. I have no idea how they stay in business with such an anti-customer model, but it’s not just the one guy you dealt with, it’s franchise-wide.

  2. Autumn Post author

    Wow. That’s… yeah, hardly conducive to a customer-oriented experience. Good to know, so I won’t decide to give them another shot someday.

  3. Blade

    I’m surprised they made what you asked. You want fresh bread, you go to Subway, fresh meat and cheese, Dagwoods. You want a weird toasted sandwich you go to Quiznos, it’s what they do. Their whole claim to fame is that and toasted sandwiches, the latter might not seem like a big thing to us, but that’s only because Subway caught wind in advance when they planed to roll into QC and got toasters in all their shops well in advance, which kinda left them with only oddball sandwiches as their key thing.

    I’ve had them twice and I enjoyed the food, but the food bit back both times about a half hour afterwords, which is my reasoning not to go anymore.

  4. Autumn Post author

    I was near the Quiznos and had to eat or fall over, so that’s where I went. If I’d had the energy I’d have walked the four blocks to the Dagwoods and actually enjoyed my sandwich as well as the sandwich-making experience.


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