Monday Log

Today my accomplishments included:

– receiving the approval for the assignment I handed in last Friday, and invoicing
– baking bread
– finishing Romancing Miss Bronte
– finishing River in the Sky
– half-hour nap
– spinning about two ounces of fibre Jan gave me to spin for her (which was a struggle because whoever dyed it ended up felting it slightly, and it doesn’t draft easily)
– updating the househunt spreadsheet
– handling correspondence

Frankly, after the exhausting weekend I had, I deliberately took it really easy today. And yet a couple of things that have happened (the spinning, some of the correspondence) has not been restful. I had to stop spinning because I seem to be clenching my jaw while I try to draft the felted stuff, which is not conducive to relaxing.

I am not looking forward to the meeting we’re hosting tonight, because I am not in people-mode, and HRH has to be elsewhere.

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