Scylla And Charybdis

I’ve had an occasional dry cough over the past week. It got rather annoying last night, and today has developed into one of those when-you-cough-your-head-feels-like-it’s-about-to-explode kind of things. Then about an hour ago I developed chills, which led me to take my temperature, and hey, fever. Joy. And I have somewhere to be tonight, an event I swore up and down that I’d be attend come what may.

Rock and hard place: Go to the event, drain what energy I have, possibly pass this cold along to others right when the holiday season is about to get busy; or stay home, rest and focus on getting better, and conserve what energy is left for the recital this weekend?

So my plans for the evening are officially cancelled, which makes me extremely irritated because of the aforementioned promise to attend. Plus I feel, you know, sick. I will go to the mall with the family to be there for the boy’s Santa visit, but then it’s home and bed for me after sitting on the chesterfield watching HRH and the boy do the first round of decorating the tree. The most important thing this weekend is the recital. It’s not like my solo can just be skipped if I can’t attend; I’m duetting, so if I can’t be there, my partner loses out on her show piece as well. I am hereby declaring all my other non-essential social stuff this weekend cancelled as well.

I should have known the day was a write-off when I made two pans of Rice Krispie squares for the party tonight and came into the kitchen to find Cricket standing in one pan, licking the squares in the other. What a waste of food.

In other news, for those keeping score at home, the package originally delivered by UPS that they demanded $58 is processing fees for, which was then returned to sender, sat in a warehouse for a while, finally released to her after she called to find out where it was (total time: five weeks) and re-sent to me via USPS? Got here yesterday afternoon. Seven days, cheaper shipping fee, no delay or bureaucratic mess or extra costs. Take that, UPS. The lazy kate extender and two extra bobbins all work beautifully and I’m thrilled. The sender wrapped it all in ten ounces of three different kinds of roving to protect it; that’s almost a pound of spinnable fibre. I am absolute floored at the effort and energy she put into this at every step.

We got the tree yesterday. We paid more for it than I wanted to, but it’s truly a lovely tree and in very good condition. We’ll decorate it in stages over the weekend.

Finished spinning Jan’s yarn, plied it, and set the twist this morning. 188 yards of home-dyed heavy fingering weight mohair/merino with which she will knit a lightweight scarf:

I was supposed to give it to her tonight at the party; I’ll have to find some other way of getting it to her.

Otherwise today I ate, napped, practiced, and tried to read; this cold is killing my focus.

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