Great all-day co-coven workshop yesterday, despite three people missing due to illness, work schedules, or unavoidable extracurricular responsibilities. Today? Hello, full-blown cold and fibro flare-up. I can’t even lie down without the body hurting, but I don’t have the energy to do much while upright. HRH took the boy to monthly playgroup, thank goodness, although he really didn’t want to. I know he’ll enjoy himself once he gets there.

This afternoon is the group cello class, and then tonight is the monthly steampunquian RPG. I know everyone will understand tonight if I just kind of sit there and listen. The cello class is what’s going to be the challenge, but I also know that once I’m there and in the middle of it adrenaline will carry me. It will take a day or two to recover from the weekend, though.

My LYS e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that the winter issue of Spin-Off had arrived, even though I hadn’t asked them to put one aside for me. I love them. When I was last in to place that big order for fibre and a bobbin, MA said that I could come in and use the store’s drum carder any time I wanted to mess about with it. I suspect she’s figured out that I am easily sucked in by new toys if casually left alone with them and allowed to talk myself into acquiring them. (I have neither the space or the money for a drum carder, or the need for it right now. Nobody worry.)

I officially finished the first skein of yarn on my goddaughter’s wrap yesterday, and wound the second into a centre-pull ball and joined it to the WIP. I’ll knit up what I’ve got then wash and block it to see how big it is, but I suspect that due to the weight of the yarn it won’t open up as much as I want it to. Which means, of course, that I will have to acquire and spin up another two ounces. Despite having swatched with the yarn and the needle size I’m using, I think I should have gone up a needle size to account for the alarming amount of blooming the yarn is doing while being knit. Six (or what might possibly become eight) ounces for a shoulder capelet/wrap/hood really seems like too much. I should have spun it finer, or perhaps the test yarn I made was plied more tightly. Handspun yarn blooms sneakily as you knit, even after you’ve set the twist and thwacked it. Oh well; lesson learned. It’s a learning curve, right?

I need more Tylenol.

3 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. paze

    Poor you. Honestly, when I read your poetic but alarmingly long To Do list the other day, my first thought was “Yikes! Maybe she won’t be able to do the circle!” That’s why I emailed, actually.

    Anyway, get better soon.


  2. Ceri

    The wrap looks gorgeous even unblocked. And the weight of the yarn on a bigger piece does tend to stretch out the length, so you might get more size out of it than you think.

    Did you want the loan of the blocking wires? I expect I’ll be taking them to Halifax with me when I go, but prior to that you’re welcome to use them.

  3. Autumn Post author

    No, that wasn’t a to-do list, it was a things-done list. That was my Friday. Oy. (As you are not the first person to make this mistake, I shall go back and retitle the post, although I thought the frequent use of past tense made it clear. This is why there are editors.)

    Ceri, I would love to borrow the blocking wires! This will be gifted before you leave (unless you’re leaving before the solstice) so there shouldn’t be a problem.

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