Weekend Roundup

On Friday I went to see the MMFA Waterhouse exhibit with a friend who must remain nameless in this public post due to the Preservation of Family Harmony Act (as in, if someone found out this friend had seen the exhibit first with someone other than the someone in question, family life would no longer be harmonious). Gorgeous, gorgeous colours. Reproductions don’t even come close to capturing the glow of these works. And the design and layout of the exhibition was fabulous, too. You wouldn’t think matte black wallk and black text with black velvet would work, but it makes the paintings glow even more. We saw details we’d never seen before. I was highly amused to see that Waterhouse doodled in the books he was reading. Then we browsed through the museum gift shop (we should not be allowed into museum gift shops unsupervised) where I picked up a Christmas ornament and some of the Bleu Lavande lip balm, remembering that Meallanmouse had recommended it (and justly, too, wow). And then we went off to have expensive coffees with lots of whipped cream. The weather was glorious, too, making it an all-round perfect day. It felt so good to dress up a bit (brown patterned stockings! a skirt! my Italian leather ankle boots that I don’t wear nearly enough to justify the money my mother spent on them so many years ago!) and go outside.

Saturday morning was a very productive cello lesson. Late Saturday afternoon was Tarasmas. I wish I had the energy to describe it, but suffice it to say that there were two very clever plays that parodied four popular themes or plots, tonnes of talented people reading from scripts they’d never seen before, the triumphant return of Action Woman, and a fully-realized and orchestrated Action Woman theme that later served as the musical line for an audience singalong. I got to play a Russian spy in the vampire/spy play, which absolutely delighted me. We retired to Mackay’s nearby abode for post-play social interaction but the boy had been up a few times the night before and I was wiped. We went home earlier than we wanted to.

Sunday HRH and the boy replaced the officially dead doorbells, and HRH put the plastic up on the windows, thereby cutting the condensation problem in half immediately. I’m still taking about six cups of water out of the air daily with the dehumidifier, but it’s made a huge difference already. I also finished Gran’s scarf, which you can see here, and there was a long overdyeing process that took up a lot of the day. For dinner I did a stupendously delicious pork roast.

Doing weekend roundups late means I get the bare bones down, but not the nuances. Sigh.