I know. I haven’t finished the boy’s monthly update, nor have I done the weekend roundup. They’re both energy-intensive, as was the weekend, and I don’t have any energy to spare at the moment. I worked all yesterday morning on a freelance assignment that was returned to me at the end of the day for revising (first time that’s happened to me in two years of working with this company) and then worked three hours on drafting a ritual that just about wiped me out from the amount of research and arranging and things like that. So, not so much with the journaling.

I finished Gran’s scarf on Sunday, though, and will share pictures with you:

As you can see, the striping was a bit more pronounced than I wanted it to be. (Note to self: Next time you want just a tiny bit of colour to show up here and there, spin the yarn first then dye just a spot or two instead of dyeing the fibre that then gets drafted and stretched out to cover even more area than you dyed.) The cast-on edge is a bit loose; I’m going to crochet a row or two along the edge to firm it up today.

So I overdyed it. I laid it out and used a squeeze bottle to apply a weak solution of the paler yellow dye (deliberately unevenly, thank you) to the white parts. This made for an overall variegated yellow scarf with touches of cream instead of a cream one with pale touches of yellow, but I’ll take it. It’s just kind of the photo negative of what I had originally planned. (This photo makes it look a bit green, but it’s not. It’s the colour of daffodils.)

In other non-related news, major library score last night: three new releases on my to-read list I didn’t know the library was even going to acquire (The Blythes are Quoted and The White Garden among them), two Kate Jacobs books, Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong, and the copy of A Forest of Hands and Teeth was actually on the shelf where it was supposed to be. I am a very happy reader.