I think I may actually be getting a handle on this new bow hold thing. No pun intended, but if you like it, it’s yours. The proper bow hold works quite well with the drawing-from-the-elbow thing. Who’d’ve thought? Let’s see if we can actually demonstrate it at tomorrow’s lesson.

These more-on-again-than-off-again remarkably bad headaches are going to be the first thing I talk to my doctor about at my appointment tomorrow morning. Because, seriously? No fun. If they were all in the same area I’d be extremely concerned, but they migrate all over the damn place. Today it’s the sinus areas in the forehead and inner eye/nose area. I’m going to go torpedo it with Tylenol and lie down for a while.

House was in fact on last night, although it was a repeat. It was a repeat of one I hadn’t seen, so all was well. And The Tudors was also on, although we started flipping to ABC and Jon Stewart during the commercial breaks to watch the pretty blue states pop up on the US electoral map. Saw McCain’s very graceful concession speech, but couldn’t stay awake long enough to watch Obama’s victory address, which was by all accounts pretty impressive. Reading it for myself this morning confirmed it.

Yeah, it’s lie-down time. The monitor’s doing nothing good for the headache. And although the lovely, lovely sun outside is, glorious, it’s not helping the headache either.

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