From Good To Not So Good

Well, I’m glad I had a good morning.

I’ve just found out that the pagan pregnancy book was one of the two titles cut from my publisher’s fall list, because advance sales and pre-orders weren’t high enough. Two had to go, and mine was one of them. My editor is storming offices and tiger-taming magnificently, and has managed to get the sales and marketing department to agree to put it on hold instead. At the moment the most obvious option is to retitle it, making it more general and less specific to get it out from the niche-y complaint they had about it, which in turn may bolster sales to the big chains in the US. Sales and marketing suggested altering the content as well but neither my editor nor I think that necessary, as it’s already pretty broad.

I am strangely sanguine about this. I think that over the course of the hearthcraft book, what with all the struggling about the contract and the title (I haven’t gone into that battle here and won’t), I’ve finally accepted that these books are not really mine. I write them for the publisher under a work for hire contract, they pay me, and it’s theirs to do with as they will when I’m done. I regret that a solid book that can really help people in a certain position might not see the light of day, but it’s not the end of the world. If changing the title, the back cover copy, and maybe the introduction will help get it out there, then I’m all for it.

So if you were looking forward to buying it at the end of the summer, you’ll just have to wait a little longer until such time as they decide to reschedule the release. Unless something major is done in the next month, I can’t see any changes being applied in time to maintain the release date.

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