Here is some film news that I know will be welcome to the other Hypatia fans among my readers (I seem to recall Fearsclave calling himself a drooling Hypatia fanboy, and I know there are others):

Filming is currently underway on “Agora”, a work directed by Alejandro Amenabar (“The Others”, “The Sea Inside”), that centers on the efforts of female philosopher and mathematician Hypatia to save the collected wisdom of Alexandria. Starring in the role of Hypatia will be Academy Award-winning English actress Rachel Weisz.

Hypatia! Rachel Weisz! Pardon me while I squee in an undignified fashion.

Jason writes more about it here at the Wild Hunt blog. There’s nothing much over at IMDB yet except a curiously off-centre plot outline that mentions nothing about the focal event of the story, the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. Please, universe, don’t turn this into a flat love story; there is so much richness that they can draw on in the form of politics, religion, and philosophy.

It’s shooting in Malta, which I know will interest my parents. There’s no formal release date, but I suspect it will make a late 2009 appearance.

One thought on “Eee!

  1. Asherah Batya

    Squee indeed! Thanks so much for posting this! I really hope they focus on the right things as well and don’t water it down. I wonder if they’ll emphasize the important relationship between Hypatia and her father, Theon.


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