Hullo world; just a brief drop-in to say that we have our new-to-us stove, and indeed had it in place and functional by ten-fifteen this morning. It is shiny and hot and boils water in no time flat, as well as crisping a pan of granola bars rather quicker than I expected. When I saw the words ‘Self-Cleaning’ before some fine print on the manual (the sellers had kept it, bless them, and also passed along all the pans that had come with it) my heart leapt, but alas, this is a basic model and it does not have the option. Still, it is very impressive. Our old stove was whisked off the curb before we blinked.

And here is a heads-up for anyone local looking for a lute: I was skimming the local Craigslist and found this ad. So if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a lutenist but despaired at the thought of ever finding an instrument, now’s your chance. (Me? I have more than enough instruments, thanks.)

Back into the cheerful fray of Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Joy!

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    I love it with much love, and feel as if paying $125 for it was a steal. We suspect they didn’t use it very much at all.

    The oven heated up in three minutes. The water for the pasta boiled faster than it did on our previous stovetop, and the pasta itself cooked faster too. I have spent much of today in the kitchen doing various oven-related things, snickering with glee.

  2. Ceri

    Three minutes, huh? That sounds better than ours! And you’re right — that price is a steal!

    Oven-related things are good. I just discovered a recipe in one of my cookbooks for olive bread, and now I want to make bread, even though I made three huge loaves yesterday.

  3. Jess

    Yay for functioning stoves! Today i am in such a huge cooking mood.
    (that may be due to the fact that i have lots of homework to do…)
    Olive bread sounds delicious! I’m making cinnamon buns and chicken gumbo…
    but i really want to make some ham and brie sandwiches on fresh crusty bread
    and hunan dumplings with peanut butter sauce…*le sigh*


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