Liam Bits And Pieces

This just in from the other room: “Can Liam have a piano? As a surprise? As a present, maybe?” He’s probably going to be disappointed when we take him to the book store for his weekly Yay Liam You Passed This Week’s Potty Goal! surprise. I guess I’m back to keeping an eye on the local on-line classifieds for an apartment-size piano.

Things I forgot to include in the monthly post at the beginning of the week:

New food: Pepperoni, which he calls “pupperpony”.

According to Liam, sheep say “Baa-hah-hah-hah!”

Often heard saying: “It’s sew keyoute!

Best new experience: Escalators. He was unsure about elevators a few months ago, got used to them, then tried an escalator at the book store last week. Best Way To Get To Another Floor Ever! (It took me six to eight years to be comfortable with escalators. Yeesh. This kid has no fear.)

4 thoughts on “Liam Bits And Pieces

  1. steve

    Ben’s big reward for behaving himself at downtown stores and big malls is a chance to ride “the moving stairs.” He usually lets out a “Wheee!” along the way.

  2. Ceri

    Yeesh. This kid has no fear.

    After hearing some of the stories about HRH’s childhood, I am thoroughly unsurprised.

    Good luck with the piano-hunting. I don’t suppose he’d be happy with a small keyboard?


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