Today I Have…

– done a load of laundry

– practised the cello (that second movement of the Gounod symphony, and my fifteen minutes stretched to twenty before I deliberately stopped because I could have gone on but I really don’t want to push things and ruin it for myself, and why is it always that I can play things perfectly well at home?)

– handled the day’s news and correspondence

– actually put make-up on for the first time in ages, because Sandman7 will be here in a few minutes to pick me up for our lunch date. Yes! I am leaving the house! It is so exciting!

– made an optometrist appointment

– tried to make an appointment for a haircut, but was foiled

– opened the hearthcraft file and messed about, but no new words of reportable consequence yet, only resequenced ones

Not bad at all. I’m trying to feel better about all the other things that have been accomplished instead of fixating on the no-new-words part.

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