Weekend Roundup

Saturday night was, of course, Tarasmas.

I love nights like this, when quite apart from being able to perform and watch fun radio dramas with zero preparation, I can see people I don’t get to see often enough. And yet I still managed to not exchange a single word with Kino Kid, or Mousme, or other people to whom I ought to at least have said hello. Talked to Scott about games and work and Ceri about consoles, talked writing with Sandman7 (who honoured me greatly by requesting my help with something), talked career with a much happier MLG, watched the second play with Tal and laughed and laughed, and talked work at the very end of the night with Rosy (who also honoured me greatly by suggesting that she might be open to a subcontracting arrangement).

Tarasmas was held in a new location, which I preferred to the old venue; I found it much brighter and more conducive to mingling. Excellent radio plays, as always, and hilarious interpretations by the actors who, as always, were given their scripts just before they walked on stage. Also, I wore new funky shoes: brown sueded clogs with owl appliques on them! Who knew my feet could fit in junior girls’ footwear? Certainly not me, at least not until I saw these clogs and tried them on.

HRH and I put away a bottle of white wine, half a baguette, and a block of Brie over the course of the night. Bringing it was an excellent notion. And it felt very, very good to have imbibed a glass of wine before I was on stage in the first play of the evening, another glass while on stage, and one and a half rapidly following. I’m usually very careful about what I drink and rarely have more than one glass of anything alcoholic when I’m out, often because I never feel entirely comfortable and relaxed at a party, and at home I prefer to drink non-alcoholic stuff except on rare occasions, usually social. But I felt wonderful going in on Saturday night, and my willingness to knock back half a bottle of wine evidently reflected that.

Then Sunday morning the Preston-Leblanc and Murphy-Hiscock households combined forces to conquer — er, tour — the Ecomuseum. It was the perfect autumn day for it, too, with golden sunlight and air just cool enough for a sweater or blazer, and leaves changing colour everywhere. The coyotes and the wolves were running around and playing, which is very unusual and such a treat to watch! I bought us a year-long family membership, so Liam can go see the animals any time he wants to. And we picnicked, too, although HRH and I forgot to pack a lunch for us while packing one for the boy. Later that afternoon I attended an informal bridal shower organized by one dear friend for another dear friend, and I’m so glad I could make it. I saw a different set of people I haven’t seen in ages and got to catch up a bit.

I crashed last night at 8:00 and slept right through till 7:00 this morning, with a brief half-hour waking at 5:00 when a cat knocked something off a counter.

Today’s writing jam with Mousme has been postponed, as she is otherwise engaged in switching careers. I have been ordered to be prolific.