liam speaks:

Dear Diary:

Today I pulled my mother’s hair really hard by double handfuls — twice! –, hit her, and bit her shoulder. I had two time-outs by noon-thirty. I coloured on the TV screen, and all over my train tracks. Then I threw a massive tantrum after lunch and refused to go to bed for an hour. I got some awesome screaming in, and nearly threw myself out of the crib head-first two times. She read to me to calm me down, which was great, but I only got an extra two stories.

Then the mean people next door started their ride-on mower right outside my window while I was still asleep and I woke up screaming.

But in between I’m having a good day, when I forget that I’m not.

Love, Liam

Who has my child? Because this one is so not mine.

5 thoughts on “liam speaks:

  1. Rosy

    Hmm. Sounds like the “terrible twos” monster has decided to pay the usually, sweet-natured Liam a visit!

    So sorry for you…and Liam!

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