Maybe it was the purposeful look in my eye and the screwdriver in my hand as I approached the tower with the intent of removing the hard drive, but I gave it one last try, and voila — the desktop is functional again!

(Perhaps I will just never turn it off again. Why it worked this time and not the countless other times I tried in the past ninety minutes, I do not know.)

Yes, I have already backed up all my work files to my Gmail account. All my important personal writing stuff is already on the thumb drive I carry in my purse, and… no, I didn’t save the latest Pandora stuff to it last month. I will remedy that immediately.

Then… to work!

3 thoughts on “Wiktory!

  1. Rosy

    Yay! ((I read LJ from oldest to newest can you tell ;))

    Tip: I set my email on autoforward so that all emails in and out go to my gmail account now too. That way I will never have to confess to a client again, that no, I didn’t back up.


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