Hello, Wall

Guess whose desktop computer won’t start up this morning?


It turns on. No start-up sequence. Not even a system check. Everything was fine when I shut it down last night. No viruses were found in the virus scan I did at dinner yesterday. It must be a hardware failure of some kind.

And did I save the files I need to be working on to my thumb drive? No, I did not. I’ve asked the client to send me the last copy of the first file I returned to them last week and the original copy of the third so that I can pick up where I left off and work on the laptop. Hopefully Blade will be able to do something about the computer tonight, otherwise the second (and complete) file is stuck there unless we take the drive out and plug it into another computer to take it off. The good news is that I work with a partioned drive so that if we have to reinstall Windows (again) I don’t lose any of my important stuff, just programs and time. If the drive is dead, well, I’ll just have to completely redo the second file. And it will serve me right for not making an external backup, but still — argh, I DO NOT need that right now.

Rosy, smack me upside the head for NOT LEARNING.

And I was so optimistic about the day, too.

Needless to say, my access to email is going to be limited today. If you know my work Gmail address, use that instead, or leave me a shout here to contact you; I’ll be checking comments regularly.

3 thoughts on “Hello, Wall

  1. Silly Imp

    Oh, how aggravating. If the drive isn’t working, it could be the heat. Apparently if a drive overheats the heads fuse or something like that. I’ve been told that putting it in the freezer is a common trick to unlock the heads if that is the case. (!)

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    Funny, you know; my first thought this morning was of the old Nebula computer that would randomly conk out in the summertime.

    It’s worth a try. If it works, the geek points I will rack up will be infinite.

  3. Rosy

    “Rosy, smack me upside the head for NOT LEARNING.”

    No, no, no my heart sunk for you when I read it. I am sending you “cool vibrations” — in case the freezer trick works + a big hug!


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