Double Take

The new covers for the seventh and final Harry Potter book have been released.

Throughout the entire series, I have been glad that my country sells the UK-based designs, because I prefer them.

Until now.

I am stunned to see that I actually prefer the US cover to this book. I may buy the adult cover of the UK edition instead of the junior cover, despite my obsessive need to have matching sets on my shelves. None of the covers, US or UK, really interest me this time around. Not that the series cover art has ever been anything to hang on a wall, but this time it all seems particularly bland.

6 thoughts on “Double Take

  1. Ceri

    Bleah. I see what you mean. The adult cover is kind of interesting, the US cover okay but boring and the UK cover … I dunno. I’ll wait until I see it closer up to be sure but … it looks like a mess from this angle.

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    It does look messy, doesn’t it. This artist is the one who’s done the last two as well, and it’s more cartoony that the earlier artist’s style.

  3. Phnee

    Wow. That’s… bland. And confused, in the case of the UK children’s cover. Is that water? And t! hit the nail on the head: I thought “Stargate” as well.

    The other two are, well, bland. I have no other word for them.

    Then again, I’ve never liked the UK covers. Don’t care for the artist(s), nor the rendition of the characters. Just a matter of taste, really.

    As many have said: Meh.


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