What a beautiful, beautiful early spring day. This is the second day in a row that I have been able to wear my cherry-red polar fleece spring jacket, ignoring my black wool winter coat with great satisfaction.

Appropriately, today we have been spring cleaning. HRH even scrubbed out the closets. I cleaned out the jumble that had collected under the kitchen sink, did some mending, and some general tidying and reorganization in my office.

Which led me, thrillingly, to uncover the location of the 8 x 10″ envelope containing all the postcards and pins and pictures and story cards that decorated my inspirational bulletin board in the last apartment. This is the envelope of precious things that I thought I’d lost in the move, believed gone forever.

In it was — are you ready? — the postcard from Neil Gaiman, the story assignment that I finally wrote last fall. I knew what the line was because I’d journaled it, but I’d thought the card itself never to be seen again. No longer!

Now, off to pick up the boy. And again, I must remember that it is Wednesday, and that I have orchestra. (We’re all off in this house because we came home on a Monday instead of a Sunday, you see, and we are firmly convinced that it is in fact Tuesday.)

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