Swan Sister Update

Wow, what a miserable day I’m having. It can be over any time, thanks. I don’t much enjoy being mad at the world in general for no particular reason. I should bring a book to the pub tonight so that I don’t have to talk to anyone, or I may ruin their night.

Total word count, Swan Sister: 31,482
New words today: 1,865

Looking back over my records, I see that I get the opportunity to work on this damn story once every thirty days or so. If I could work on it more frequently I might like it more, take less time getting back into it when I do sit down to work, and not feel like I’m facing a brick wall every single session.

Really, spring can show up any time now. Any. Time.

In other writing news I recently had a Revelation concerning the Poppy book, which requires a massive overhaul and rewrite and rethinking of some of the central action. It’s not a bad thing, because it’s been sitting there patiently waiting for an expanded second draft for a couple of years now. This Revelation may make the unintentional ending I wrote work, too, and the expansion/second draft would fill in what needs to happen before that end. Not that I can do anything about it for a while. Fitting everything I need to do into two days a week is beginning to take its toll.

3 thoughts on “Swan Sister Update

  1. jan

    I don’t much enjoy being mad at the world in general for no particular reason.

    Yup, that was me yesterday, along with a big helping of self-loathing. Must be the phase of the moon or something.

    Walking back home from the studio just now, I found myself thinking, “Ah, yes, February in Montreal, where -8 and a windchill of ‘only’ -18 feels like spring, compared to what we’ve been dealing with for days…”

  2. Phnee

    Well, the evening was lovely. :)

    Everyone’s had one day of “Argh-is-it-over-yet?” this week, it would seem. In fact, everyone seems to have picked a different day.

    I haven’t worked on A Lamentation of Swans since *August* and it keeps begging me to come back to it, only I have to be in the right mindspace and… gah. Yeah.

    So, anyway, I hear you.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    It’s probably a good thing we all chose different days, or we may have unintentionally ended the world.

    Also, thanks to both of you for the bonding Friday night and Saturday morning.


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