I feel like I’ve been walking around asleep for the past two days, which is a bad thing. I couldn’t stop yawning last night at orchestra, and when I try to remember something from the past forty-eight hours my mind’s eye sees it through a sort of odd distorted filter. It’s just general exhaustion that has accumulated over the past ten days. Too, Liam seems to have recently developed an extra level of energy that makes being at home with him and keeping up with his antics that much harder, despite his ongoing awesomeness, as well as a new edge to his mood that pushes the limit of patience (both his and mine).

All I want to do is take a bath and go to bed (do you sense a theme in the last week’s worth of posts?). The preface needs to be finished before I can do that. A seven hundred and fifty word article. It’s 19h00 right now. I have a two-hundred word point-form outline. I can do this.

It’s probably a bad sign that I want to use my ‘Buggre Alle this’ icon before I’ve even begun working.

2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Talyesin

    It’s not just that – it’s a hibernating time of year. I’ve been getting a minimum of six full uninterrupted hours of sleep every night and I’m STILL waking around in a yawny haze. Can’t we figure out a way to just SKIP winter? Sheesh.


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