There is an astonishingly large amount of “you need this unused bit of electronic stuff that I have lying around, pay me a pittance when you have the money free in a couple of months” going around in my life right now. As a result, I have my first real grown-up stereo set-up after buying a CD deck as my treat to myself for delivering the pagan pregnancy book (how have I, a bass-loving cellist, survived listened to classical music without a subwoofer until now?), and as of last night I also have a replacement ’03 Latitude laptop for my well-loved and well-used ’94 Lifebook (interestingly enough, also a gift from a friend a five years ago). The Lifebook is too slow for me now, won’t recognise USB flash drives no matter how many drivers I download, only functions on dial-up, can’t read CD-Rs on which I store files, and is just not up to what I need it to do for me these days. It saw me through five books, two published and three unpublished, as well as plenty of articles and short fiction. The Latitude is pretty much equivalent to my own desktop, which is yay, because now I have an alternative place to go to work/play when I need to get away from where I’ve been working on the desktop in the office. I wonder what I’ll write on it first. Other than Swan Sister once I get back to it next week, that is.

So heartfelt thanks to those of my friends who think of me, and who believe that things like music machines and computers ought to be used instead of gathering dust.

And I perpetuate the passing-on karma: yes Mum, you get the Lifebook when we come down to see you this month.

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