Monday Morning

Now that it’s a new work week, the professional issue that has gnawed at my sense of right and wrong all weekend has been handed to the appropriate person to deal with, and my job had just been made a whole lot easier. I can go back to doing what I’m supposed to do without stopping every few moments to do an hour of back-up research, which has been making my job take about three times longer as it ought to take.

I attended a lovely calm Imbolc ritual yesterday, which was a welcome oasis in the maelstrom of ethical indignation. I also took the evening off to watch Smallville, The Dresden Files, and Battlestar Galactica with HRH. (The Dresden Files, for those who also read Jim Butcher’s books and are curious, is not a bad adaptation. It doesn’t try to tell the story of the books themselves, and there are variations from the source material (Karrin is completely different, for example) but otherwise, it’s translated the feel and spirit of the books by doing something different with the source material.) It’s nice to have one night per week where we both settle down for appointment television, and talk intelligently about it during commerical breaks. Other than that, my weekend was pretty much devoted to work.

Speaking of, back to.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Phnee

    I’ve been trying to catch The Dresden Files, but can’t seem to figure out the time and channel, not that I can really watch TV regularly anyway… :P

    Glad you got the Giant Ethical Problem fobbed off onto someone else. Also very glad you didn’t kill anyone in the process. ;)

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    Nine o’clock on Sunday nights, on the Space channel.

    I too am very glad that no one ended up as collateral damage, although poor HRH had to deal with me randomly wandering out of my office and sharing my feelings about it as I worked.


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