Swan Sister Update

Total word count, Swan Sister: 26,751
New words today: 1,736

It takes a while to get going, but once I’m in motion it goes well. I hate that I don’t have consecutive days in which to work, though; it takes me hours to get back into the flow of thought and theme. And there’s so many layers in this story that I need to be in the right headspace for it to happen correctly, otherwise I just flail around, which gets neither me nor the book anywhere.

Off to get the boy. Orchestra tonight. No idea what will happen in that dinner-shaped space in between.

One thought on “Swan Sister Update

  1. Phnee

    I feel the same way about my own swan story. It’s a very particular headspace, and one that’s not easily achieved just by sitting down and writing. Unlike, say, zombies. They write themselves. ;)

    Have fun at orchestra!


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