So my toy sewing machine got fixed this morning and the Herculean (for women, would that be Xenaean, now?) task of sewing the lining to the bodice I’m working on, then turning it and topstitching all around it has been drastically reduced. I’d already decided to not sew the ribbon border to the chiffon pieces I have; I’ll glue them instead, so that’s not an issue… but the bodice really had me worried. I still have to come up with a skirt too; I think I’ll stich it to the bottom of the bodice rather than having two seperate pieces. Easier to wear that way, certainly easier to store.

Yes, I have a toy sewing machine. Anything that is that small, has four basic stitches, and whose two speeds are marked by a bunny icon and a turtle icon is officially a toy in my world. It’s like an adult sewing machine version of an Easy-Bake oven, only it’s not pink (thank the gods). I absolutely adore it. It was a gift from my parents about six years ago, and it’s seen mileage, let me tell you! I never sew normal stuff on it; it’s always costumes. Heavy wool for cloaks; tapestry fabric for Renaissance dresses; tough stuff that breaks needles as soon as you get two layers of fabric under the foot, or try to sew down gathers. It’s done some pretty amazing stuff. Two nights ago, it finally conked out. My husband opened it up this morning before he left for work, rooted around, loosened something, and it runs like a charm again. Hurrah!

What am I making? Well, a couple of people I know now own digital cameras, so I’m fairly certain that you’ll see eventually… muah-hah-hah-hah…

I cannot believe I am actually doing this…

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