Liam Update

Yes, there’s an anniversary update coming in ten days, but:

The vocabulary has hit seventy-five words. Seventy-five. And that was the count before today’s “mouman” (mountain) and “Jell-O”.

Liam isn’t a big meat eater (it’s the texture, I think), but I chopped up some of the prime rib for him and sprinkled some gravy on it, and he had seconds. He ate more meat than I’ve ever seen him consume in a single sitting, even several sittings put together. Then he ate some broccoli, a serving of Yorkshire pudding the size of my fist, and some potatoes mashed with sour cream. (All with gravy, yes. He tore bits off the Yorkies and dipped them in the gravy. Finally, he’s figured out dipping.) Then he had some Jell-O for the first time (cherry — a big hit as well), and some milk to wash it all down. I’m telling you, watching him plough through a bowl of this was good for the soul after a week of him nibbling a bit of a meal and then deciding he was done.

HRH cleaned his plate pretty quickly, too. All in all, an excellent meal and a nice way to start the calendar year.

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  1. Tigerlily

    That’s awesome! Josh said “doggies” and pointed with MMmmmmm sounds to our fridge when we asked him what he wanted for dinner. He likes to say “macchee” for Mac & cheese, and “grillchee” for grilled cheeses. I’m loving this new language. It’s so much better when they can tell you what they need/want rather than screaming and wailing.


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