So here I am, at eight-thirty in the morning, a cup of tea at hand and the whole day ahead of me. HRH took Liam in to daycare this morning on his way into work and will pick him up again at the end of the day, leaving me the whole day with absolutely no responsibility. I’ve wandered through the house tidying up a bit, simply appreciating the feeling of not having to do anything right away.

Liam slept through the night, with no waking sounding as if he was a harbinger of the apocalypse. As a result he slept right through to 7.30, which wasn’t part of the plan: because his pattern has been wake around three-thirty for an hour/return to sleep/wake around five-thirty or six, we were relying on him to awaken early again. The sleep did everyone good, but it meant that we started the morning an hour and a half later than we expected to. Everyone was in such a good mood that it didn’t matter, though, and it was a gift for all three of us. It felt odd to kiss the boy goodbye and watch HRH bundle him into the car and drive away, when I’m usually the one corralling and transporting him, then running errands on the way home, writing immediately when I get in, and leaving just as I’m hitting my stride during my most productive time of the day in order to pick him up again.

I deserve this. I didn’t get the break I was hoping to have back at the beginning of August when the boy started part-time daycare, the break I needed after the sequence of “book interrupted by rush book/back to original book/early baby/finish original book/full-time baby/new book”. And I’m thankful to finally have this time, the time I need and have needed for so long, to rest in different ways and to reroot myself in life.

So naturally, now that I don’t have to, now that I have time to myself… I’m drifting here to write. It’s a different kind of writing, though; it’s relaxing, and feeds a different part of me. It’s restful writing.

10 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Phnee

    A well-deserved break indeed. Glad to see your morning is going so well. :)

    I have the kettle boiling over here and three cats trying to ooze onto the keyboard (I claim no responsibilities for typos), and a couple of hours before I have to go to my agency to get my ROE.

    Quiet mornings are good. I’d almost forgotten what they were like.

  2. Phnee

    I’m being very careful not to use words that would upset your filter. ;)

    Cats are wonderfully soothing to have around when they’re being quiet. Mine are all draped in various reclining positions around me, except for Pan-Pan who has decided that being *on* my arm is far better than the alternative.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Behold, the comment is now approved and here! Hopefully my new spam filter will learn from this that you are to be trusted. Particularly in the event of a zombocalypse. And Italian translation.

  4. Phnee

    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Safari won’t allow me to remain logged in on your blog. I have to re-enter my information each time (for reasons which escape me, the “remember info” button is just not available when I use Safari on your blog. I’ve searched high and low for it). Safari can’t seem to see your frames, either. Your blog is essentially a giant mess on this particular browser, which annoys me a great deal. Sadly, Firefox crashes on me all the time and is s-l-o-w like you wouldn’t believe, and IE (which always worked like a charm for me) is no longer supported for Macs.


    The Italian seems to have slipped through unmolested. I can’t think what I wrote in that earlier comment that so offended your filter. I can think of at least one word in this comment that’s going to get it put on hold, though. ;)

  5. Owldaughter Post author

    And lo, to everyone’s astonishment, the comment gets through!

    Safari messes the layout up that much? Urk. Why don’t you use the LJ Feed here? You’d have to come back here to leave comments, but at least reading it initally would be easier on your brain.

    Have you tried the Opera browser? It’s what I used before I switched to Firefox. I don’t know if it’s still supported for Macs.

  6. Curtana

    Enjoy your rest! You’ve more than earned it :)

    And, not to butt in, Phnee, have you tried the new version of Firefox, 2.0? Perhaps the problems that plagued you before have been fixed :)


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