The Writing Soundtrack

Two problems.

One: I am astonished to discover that I have next to no Vivaldi recordings. I have the ubiquitous Four Seasons and an album of double concerti (for the double cello concerto, of course), and once upon a time there was also my beloved Il Giardino Armonico The Red Priest album that was enthusiastically lent to someone (who?) the week after I got it and subsequently lost track of it, but that seemed to be it until I remembered that all my cello CDs are on a different shelf. Still, there are only two more albums of cello concerti and sonatas there. Sounds like it’s time to invest in a couple of low-budget CDs of general instrumental stuff, and the Gloria, at the least. (Naxos, you are my friend.)

Two: The speakers I’ve been using for my computer have finally died. They died an honourable death, being the first set of high-quality speakers I received with my Discman back when I was seventeenish, so they’ve been in steady use for eighteen years or so. The only problem is that my sound card doesn’t have a speaker on it, so I’ve had to hunt out my big cushiony headphones and the cable extension to reach to the port on the back of the computer tower. Working with headphones is very odd. I’m not sure if I like it or not yet.

11 thoughts on “The Writing Soundtrack

  1. Phnee


    I was convinced I had some Vivaldi here to lend you, but I think all the Vivaldi I remember listening to a few years ago (I went on a kick, naturally) is part of my parents’ extensive CD collection.

    The only CD I have here was a present and is, naturally, the ubiquitous Four Seasons. It was one of those “Uh, I seem to remember that you liked classical music. So I got you this,” kind of presents. Not that I minded. I was just amused. Thank goodness I didn’t already own it. ;)

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    It occured to me to ask you, because for some reason I had it firmly fixed in my brain that you owned the Gloria or a mass or some such thing. Perhaps you mentioned listening to it on your LJ threeish years ago. (Yes, I was reading your LJ long before we actually started hanging out together; a friend of friends thing. Besides, you’re interesting and you like lots of the same stuff I do. :)

  3. Phnee

    Wow. You have a good memory. :) I think I may have been talking about an actual live concert, though.

    I didn’t realize you were reading all that while back. You didn’t comment or anything, so I was blissfully ignorant of all that. I only found your blog sometime around when band formed, mostly because I had no idea who this “Autumn/Owldaughter” person was IRL.


    I may be going to my parents’ tonight, so I shall check out the CDs there while I’m at it.

  4. Jan

    I can’t for the life of me remember if I have any non-Four Seasons Vivaldi. I might. I will check tonight when I get home from.

  5. Owldaughter Post author

    Rosy: I love how these speakers are described as producing “dramatic, spacious sound”, and “giving you a richer, more dramatic audio experience”. Although apart from the ‘dramatic’ hyperbole, they do seem like they provide excellent sound reproduction.

  6. jan

    Jackpot! It turns out that I have Cellist Emil Klein playing the following cello/orchestra and cello/violin/orchestra concertos: E minor, G minor, No. 2 B flat major, and No. 5 F major (Oh, yeah, No. 5 F flat major – that’s one of my favorites! *sarcasm*) Anywho you’re very welcome to borrow it. I can bring it on Saturday, or if you’d like it earlier and you’re going to be out and about at all this week, I can send you my schedule of when I’ll be in the studio, and you can pick it up.

  7. Paze

    I’ve got a collection of Vivaldi guitar concetos (Iona Brown), and some lute concertos and trios (Daniel Benko, who’s quite good). If you’re interested, you’re welcome to borrow both today.

  8. Owldaughter Post author

    Saturday would be fine, thanks, Jan!

    I hate badly played recordings of the Four Seasons, which is 99% of them in my not so humble opinion. Like most popular pieces of classical music it’s overplayed, and as a result I have developed an aversion to it… unless it’s interpreted in a really fresh way, as by Il Giardino Armonico, for example.


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