ESTC Update

Well, that’s enough for today. The word count stands at 51,537 after adding and subtracting scads of words in different places, and the page count stands at 211. I think work hours clock in at around twelve, which is about twice as many as I usually work.

I’m going to have to go back at look at what I did with Chapter 8 tomorrow morning, because I can’t wrap my brain about where it was versus where it is now. There’s more, which is a good thing. I have no concept of how complete it is, or if the quality is up to my desired standard at the moment. And yet, after writing a bunch of new pages on various necessary subjects, I don’t seem to have crossed more than two things off my list of things to do in that chapter, which is mildly odd.

Also, there is a new ritual in Chapter 9.

Overall, there seem to be approximately four things left to do in Chapter 8 tomorrow, one of which is minor, one of which is expanding on something, two of which are from-the-ground-up. There needs to be another ritual in Chapter 9, possibly, although it may be left out if space doesn’t allow for it, and little finicky transitional things in both chapters that always take more time than they claim they will. Then it’s back to Chapter 2 to talk about the nature of rites of passage, that technical bit that I had to leave undone the other day because my brain was shutting down.

I think I’ve worked too late again. When I work too late, I can’t fall asleep for ages and ages because my brain needs time to shut down properly, and that in turn messes up my sleep pattern and yields nowhere near enough hours of sleep (I need around ten per night, usually). So I’m now going to go curl up in bed, drink a cup of warm milk with a drop or two of vanilla extract, listen to some Enya, and read a Brother Cadfael mystery — things that don’t ask my mind to do gymnastics to enjoy them.

One thought on “ESTC Update

  1. Ceri

    Much as with Nanowrimo, the cheering crowds await you at the finish line. I know it feels like a slog now, but you will get there. So few things left to do! You can do this! Go Arin! Rah rah rah!

    *waves pompoms*


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