ESTC: Onward Ever Onward

Chapter 6 is done, and Chapter 7 is mostly done but I’m moving on, because what I have to do involves (a) writing another ritual that I will probably end up having to leave out, and (b) complicated knot instructions, and I haven’t figured out how to handle this yet because it will produce scads of word count. (Maybe I’ll just say, “Look up knots in a knot book and choose one you like. Follow those instructions at the appropriate point in the ritual. Practice before the ritual itself or you will end up feeling very unhappy and frustrated, and the point of the ritual will be defeated.” You now, this has a lot of potential. Hmm. Look! Problem-solving through journaling!)

I haven’t checked the total MS wordcount because I know I’m over 50K, and I still have two chapter left to go. I’ll deal with it later.

Two more chapters to go! Although it’s more work than it sounds, because these are the two chapters that require the most new stuff added to them. Then once that’s done, it’s onward to the (possibly ultimate, possibly penultimate) read-through and polish on Wednesday morning.

Oh, fine; I’ll check my wordcount. And hey, look at that; I’m actually not over 50K yet: current wordcount stands at 49,714. A good sign.

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