He’d slept dreadfully this morning and I had to wake him up early from his afternoon nap to get him to the doctor, so he zoned out on the way home in the car and is now napping. It’s late for a nap, but I couldn’t make him stay up another hour and then expect him to eat dinner. We’ll just have a slightly later supper and bath. Maybe HRH will even be home before Liam goes to bed.

Or, you know, Liam could just keep sleeping and skip the whole dinner thing.

Yikes. I’ve taken off his slippers, but I have no idea how to get him out of the rest of his clothes without waking him up. I think I’ll let him sleep in them, and simply not cover him with the blanket like we usually do.

I wonder what time he’ll wake up tomorrow morning. Please, gods, don’t let it be before six.

October 11: Six-fifteen. Incredible. No dinner, only a brief semi-waking for a diaper change around nine PM, back to sleep with no problems, and a happy, cheerful baby upon waking. All in all, a very good night.

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