Liam Update

Today Liam had his 15-month appointment and got his 12-month shots (don’t ask). He weighs in at 26 lbs (both he and I think he really weighs more than that), his brains measure 47 cm, and he’s 31 3/4 inches tall. (Don’t you just love being Canadian, and switching back and forth between Metric and US Imperial systems of measurement?)

He took his four shots bravely although with the expected tears of outrage and bewilderment, snuggling into me limply afterwards with wet lashes. And despite my doctor’s concerns about being negatively associated with needles now that he’s older, he said “doctor” brightly to her afterwards, and “bye” when we left. Poor kid — we waited over an hour to get in, the appointment was half an hour long, and then we waited another ten minutes to make sure there were no adverse reactions to the shots and for the receptionist to be free so that we could make an appointment for January. He’d slept dreadfully this morning and I had to wake him up early from his afternoon nap to get him to the doctor, so he zoned out on the way home in the car and is now napping. It’s late for a nap, but I couldn’t make him stay up another hour and then expect him to eat dinner. We’ll just have a slightly later supper and bath. Maybe HRH will even be home before Liam goes to bed.

While we were playing with the toys in the waiting area, Liam put wooden discs with narrow holes on a series of thin wooden posts. I’d never seen him do anything that fine-motor skilled with such precision before. He also wandered up and down the long, long echoing corridor off which the offices open, and had his first drink from a water fountain. He entertained a very sick little boy who was waiting to see the doctor too, without actual contact, which was very nice of him. They talked their one-word phrases at one another, and smiled a lot.

No one said anything about the ugly bruises on his face. Not even about the especially ugly goose-egg welt on the left side of his forehead where he threw himself into the bookcase this morning. Typical 16-month-old; good thing he bounces.

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