Daily Archives: November 24, 2009


Ceri has asked for pictures of my mohair adventures thus far, and so:

Today’s dye experiment: a soft lilac (it was supposed to be a pale plum, but purples are tricksy dyes)

Mohair laceweight (or what will be laceweight once I ply it) [IT WANTS TO BE LACEWEIGHT, I swear; it drafts so beautifully in a semi-woolen draw into a thread-thin yarn]:

Yesterday’s two-ply worsted weight (the large skein) and a mohair singles yarn (sport/DK weight, I suspect):

In non-spinning news, I am slogging through another epic fantasy project (I am definitely taking this genre off the list of genres I’ll accept from now on), and I roasted pork and made pork-onion soup today. Also, yesterday Gryff pelted down the hall into the living room, jumped on the wooden chest, and slid right off into the window. You know, the window that HRH sealed with plastic last week? Yes. One large cat-shaped hole in the plastic. HRH was *not* be pleased. (It was hilarious to me, too, until HRH came home.) He patched it with a spare bit of plastic, but there was much grr in the atmosphere. Not so fun. And then the boy brought a deck of cards into the kitchen and enthusiastically proposed that we all play Go Fish, and all was well.

And bloody hell, our phone battery is dying. It holds a charge for about a half-hour. This makes my weekly hour-long chats with my mum somewhat challenging. So tomorrow I’ll head over to Angrignon and buy a new one. (We’ve had the phone for about eight years, and the battery seems to last almost exactly four years, so not so bad.)