Daily Archives: May 5, 2008


If anyone out there has a spare moment and the energy, can you think good thoughts about my mother in law? She’s had another blood pressure spike and was taken to the hospital this morning. This hasn’t happened in about fourish years, and the time before that was just before HRH and I got married, but every time is deeply scary because we don’t know what her heart will do next when it does occur. Thanks in advance, everyone.

ETA May 6: Thank you, everyone. After a fretful day with no news, we spoke with HRH’s father last evening who was in good spirits and said that after one final test she would be released and allowed to go home. This episode was one of three others, not two as HRH reminded me, because in one she didn’t go to the hospital and ironically that was the worst one. This was nowhere near as bad as that one. Thank you, thank you everyone, for your help and good thoughts both for her and the rest of us.

Weekend: Strike

It has been a thoroughly awful six days or so. There’s a lot of stuff flying around that I’m trying to handle, and I’ve lost it a couple of times in the past few days. I don’t like doing that. It makes me even angrier and more discouraged about things in general.

The weekend was a mass of engagements and scheduled events that didn’t give me the time or space I needed to really recompose myself. The cold rainy weather didn’t help at all, especially when there is a three year old screaming to play in the back garden. I did carve three or so hours out of the weekend to spend with t!, something we haven’t done in so long that neither of us can remember the last time we did it. There were copious amounts of tea, theorizing, analysing, and then there was port. Plus there was the very enjoyable bonus of seeing Jan, who came home from her weekend away earlier than expected, so she had a glass of port too and we all talked. I shared a music-related idea with t! that excited him and also interested Jan when I shared it with her later at his request. Knowing that other people think it’s a good idea heartened me immensely. I think it has a lot of potential. I need to chew on it for a while, and t! told me to bring it up with him again early next month. I’ll need to by then, because new associated ideas keep blooming in my head. It will all have to be managed carefully.

I had to replay the third level of the stupid DS game for kids I’m working through right now three times last night. I wasn’t going to go to bed till I’d beaten it. Dumb game. It’s easy, too; I’m just having the same problem I always have, sacrificing speed for precision.

The computer is still dead, and I’ve fed all my peripherals into the laptop and loaded requisite software. I may move the laptop to the writing desk and connect the monitor as well, because I strained my neck and back looking down at the laptop screen last Friday. I did hand in the first assignment for the new project I’m doing with the big unnamed game company though, and now I’m awaiting edits and feedback. The computer situation is a big part of what’s really pushing me to the edge these days. I really, really dislike transitional periods, and I’m stuck in limbo for two weeks. Three, really, because realistically I won’t be able to do anything about it until we come home from visiting my parents over Victoria Day weekend. Blade came down Saturday morning to try slipping the hard drive into an old computer HRH still hasn’t returned to ADZO (someday, someday!) and as I suspected it’s not the drive, which means it must be the motherboard or processor or something else that’s hanging up. I just don’t want to have to copy over all my profiles to a temporary system and then do it again. The laptop is fine for now.

That’s the state of me for the moment. If you’ve tried to email me or have been expecting an answer about something important that I haven’t yet given, try me again. The pre-yesterday email is all stuck on the other computer. And forgive any extended silences and lack of enthusiasm about things in general.