Daily Archives: May 16, 2008

Back To Bad

I avoided opening e-mail this morning until after the boy and I came back from lunch with his grandma and he went down for his nap, and now I know why.

My consultant contract with the publisher isn’t being renewed. Not because they don’t like me, they have hastened to clarify, but because the imprint isn’t doing as well as they want it to (the titles aren’t as successful as titles aimed at basic intro level stuff) and so they’re putting it all on hold indefinitely. My services are no longer needed.

I also got the report on the hearthcraft book. It needs overhauling so that it’s more in tune with what they want before they can accept it and pay me for it. This is tied to the forced name change. Again I am assured that I am one of the best authors they’ve worked with and it just needs tweaking to be less like what I wrote and more like what they want to publish. This is going to delay my payment for another eight weeks. I was really, really counting on it to arrive next month.

No movement/news on the pagan pregnancy book yet.

And our original weekend plans fell through. I wish I was looking forward to the long weekend.

I am really, really not having a good month.