Daily Archives: March 25, 2008

A Quick Hello

Hello, dear readers. I have the boy at home with me today so I won’t be properly working till his nap and therefore I can’t devote much time to an update, but these are worthy of note:

1. We had a lovely weekend with my parents. More later.

2. The test editorial review evaluation I did in January got me hired as an ongoing freelance editor! Very nice news to discover in the inbox upon coming home after five days away. The company is currently moving so they’ve suspended ops for a couple of months, but they want me to set up my log-in and account and such now so as to be ready when things kick off again. This is extremely happy-making, as it gives me reliable work and income when I’m not on contract to write a book of my own. And as the frequency and number of manuscripts I edit is basically controlled by me (there are a pool of editor/reviewers, you see) I can handle things as the fibro allows, and do more when I feel sharp and/or want a larger paycheque.

3. We get our new-to-us stove this Saturday morning. Hurrah! Only four more days without an operative oven! I have been, perhaps overly optimistically, planning a roast Saturday night with one of the organic beef roasts that I have been hoarding in the downstairs freezer all winter. (Who am I kidding. I’ll start with something less expensive, so I can gauge the oven’s quirks first. There’s a chicken in the upstairs freezer that I’ll do instead.)

And a belated happy vernal equinox to everyone!