Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

Hearthcraft Book Update

Total word count, hearthcraft book: 45,775
New words today: 1,909

Terms, techniques, recipes. Made pizza dough for tonight, cut a third off to make focaccia as a snack for myself, devoured it all except for one wee wedge, realized that focaccia is hearth-bread, and added a recipe for it because really, how perfect is that?

Best tyop of the day: “Ficus on the goal”.

Today, as part of my plan (a) to not panic and (b) increase self-discipline so things would actually get done (oh, and (c) not burn myself out) I wrote in timed fifteen-minute periods, giving myself a break between each of them. On those breaks, which were often fifteen minutes themselves, I made tea, lunch, a snack, or checked mail and poked around the Internet. It worked very, very well because not only did I control my break time, I could see how much writing I actually got done in fifteen minutes without distraction.

In a somewhat unrelated aside, now that I’m wearing my glasses pretty much all the time, when I don’t wear them my eyes hurt.

I think I’m okay as regards the whole ‘ack this isn’t a BOOK yet’/’how am I going to fit everything in’ issue. If I finish smoothing out what I’ve got (i.e. make real sentences and link them) and write the missing bits, compose the blessings and rituals, and DON’T GET SIDETRACKED BY SHINY NEW IDEAS, everything should just about come in at 60K as a tidy parcel.

And because it was work-avoiding last Friday while I should have been working on the copy-edits of the pregnancy book, I didn’t formally record the progress made in the hearthcraft book. So here, for the sake of complete record-keeping:

New words February 29: 817
New total: 43,866

Bright Sides

I am trying to be thankful that this storm has given us a dozen centimetres of ice pellets so far instead of the skating rinks other areas have received. Except I just got home after dropping the boy at the caregiver’s and HRH at the metro, then doing a brief stop in at the grocery store for essentials, and after trying to drive through the gales of wind and the accumulated ice pellets that behave like wet sand, it’s moderately difficult to be thankful. Particularly when winter just keeps on going. (Lying groundhogs — the Canadian ones said spring would be early. Can one sue a rodent?)

There is almost no one on the roads, and the grocery store was deserted. That’s good, I suppose.

I was going to write an open letter to winter, but Mousme beat me to it and did it better than I could have done, too. It’s more succinct, and certainly more polite. Oh look; it’s now snowing big fluffy Christmas flakes out there. Whatever; I just don’t want it to turn into freezing rain.

To work! I’ve had to reschedule the topic I was going to work on today, after discovering last night that the two books I was intending to use for reference were useless. I shall move on to one I was less mentally prepared to write.