Daily Archives: February 21, 2007

Hanging Out The Shingle


I just wrote and submitted a writing sample on an assigned topic to an anonymous corp whose name is being screened by the hiring company. The sample consisted of three to five hundred words on a specific topic, to provide essential info and context to potential buyers. It was a topic I knew nothing about, and was given no guidelines other than “include general information about where X takes place, the popularity of X, and people involved”. I hate being clueless and not knowing who my audience is, or what an employer is looking for in style or tone.

I did it in an hour. Fear my mad research skillz! Whether it’s any good is up in the air, since I have zero background on the topic personally and the intraweebs were pretty useless, so I can’t judge if it’s what they’re looking for or not. The proposed pay is by the piece, and if I can complete each piece in an hour to seventy-five minutes then it’s worth the pay; any longer and it isn’t profitable. Assuming they hire me, that is, which they very well may not do.