Daily Archives: February 7, 2007

As Good As

As I sat down in my desk chair after lunch, I noticed something. My chair was facing the window, because I had turned it to reach something before standing up. Sitting in it, I observed that facing east in the middle of the room instead of south staring at a wall felt good. Really good, in fact.

And then I remembered that when cabin fever struck at any time of year, I used to move furniture around. We haven’t done that in this apartment very much, mainly because the location of windows, closets, and heaters really limits furniture placement.

So I’ve just spent the last hour swinging the desk around to jut out from the wall, played with all the finicky wires and cables that connect me to that wall and the rest of the world, and I now have a different perspective. (As regards physical location, anyhow.) A change is as good as rest, as the aphorism says, and even though we all know that isn’t absolutely true it does help somewhat.

The office certainly won’t stay exactly like this. It needs better arrangement, for one, and careful proper rerouting of cables for another. HRH’s computer isn’t currently connected to the internet because this end of the ethernet cable doesn’t reach the router’s new position, but I think that can be fixed by feeding more cable up from the basement. I have less floor space overall, but as all I’ve been doing in here lately is sitting and working at the desk that’s not much of a loss. I may move it back later; I may make this floorplan more permanent. Who knows? But it feels good to sit here like this right now, and so I’m happier.


I’d like to thank a handful of friends who, over the past two days, have really been instrumental in the maintenance of my sanity, either by telling me I’m competent, telling me they love me, opening their homes to me to enable me to leave the house for an hour or so, and reminding me that they’re there if I need them.

Thanks, everyone. I deeply appreciate you.