Daily Archives: July 8, 2004

Even More Joy

Last night was my early birthday thing at Hurley’s, our favourite pub for this sort of thing. There were so many people that we had to move from our regular fireside spot into the big room on the other side. And that was before everyone had arrived.

They gave me a sewing machine. It has a cover. I love it. I wonder if Debra knew about this before she agreed to lend me hers. If so, she must have been snickering up her sleeve. (Debra, your machine will be dropped off at the store by HRH sometime this coming week, seeing as how I really don’t need two here, particularly when I’m not present to use either of them.) I’m looking forward to making ritual dresses, robes, a banner, doll clothes, and a handfasting dress with it. And those are only the currently scheduled projects. Who knows what else I’ll come up with? I love you all for enabling my sewing addiction.

We had a blast, as we always do. I made a mushy speech about how everyone has supported me over the past six months and toasted them, but thanks must be given again: Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone, for making it such a wonderful evening! (Even Tal, who made snarky comments about HRH and I walking in ten minutes after I said I’d be there. (HRH had a long day at the office.) I pointed out that I wasn’t late, I was five days early for my actual birthday. He yielded.)

This afternoon I’m flying out to spend a week and a half with my parents, so updates will be less frequent. Apparently Scott and HRH are already planning while-the-cat’s-away activities, since Ceri will be gone too. Whatever happens, it will probably involve bottles of Keith’s and an Xbox.