Daily Archives: July 7, 2004

More Joy — And From the Bank, Of All Places!

I love Francois Mercier.

I heaved a deep sigh when I brought my cheque into my bank at 10.06 this morning only to find out that my financial rep is on vacation. Regular readers will remember that she told me to bring my next cheque in to her before depositso that she and the manager could see it and officially flag these cheques as “ok in the past, speed up processing.” When I heard she was on holiday I thought that I was out of luck. But the receptionist assured me that they could at least get it going so that all she’d have to do when she returned was approve it.

They sent me to Frank, who listened with a slightly furrowed brow as I explained the whole situation yet again. I stressed the fact that my account had been noted as having this sort of thing happen the last time I had to deposit the American cheque. He said, “Do you have the new cheque with you?” I handed it to him. He said, “Let me bring this to my manager.” He vanished for a couple of minutes, I practiced Meditation Under Irritating Circumstances, and he came back. “Are all these cheques going to be from the same company, drawn from the same bank?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “Same amount?” “Well,” I said, “this one’s nice and big, because it’s the advance fee for a book, but most will be about a third of that, coming in every three months or so.” “Okay,” said Frank, and he sat down, typed stuff in, and asked me what account I wanted the money to go to. I gave him all the info, and he worked out the conversion, named me a delightfully high number of Canadian dollars in exchange for the American ones indicated on the cheque, and handed me the deposit slip. “So when will this be available, then?” I asked, sliding my purse strap up my arm as I prepared to stand up. He blinked. “It’s there now,” he said.

I stared at him.

Oh, gods. I want to kiss a stranger.

“It’s there now?” I repeated.

“Yeah. And hey, I see you’ve been with our bank for twenty years. Your release amount should be over twice what it is. You know, when you deposit a cheque in the ATM, you can only access a couple hundred dollars rigt away? It really ought to be higher. If you like, I’ll prepare everything and make sure Kelley gets it when she returns; if she needs you she’ll call, but I’m fairly certain that she can do it and she’ll send you an update in the mail.”

Frank, you are a beautiful, beautiful man.

I left in a daze, transferred money to two other accounts, and paid down a lot of Visa.

All it takes is patience after initiating the correct process. That and telling the right people the right things.