Daily Archives: May 30, 2003


When my husband got home last night he was restless, so when he suggested going over to the Angrignon mall I was all for it. When we got there, we walked past the Famous Players marquee and lo and behold, Matrix Reloaded was playing in five theatres.

“I suppose this wasn’t planned,” I said.

“No!” he said. (And I believe him, because he’s not very good at spontaneously checking out movie listings just for kicks.) “But look, there’s one starting in half an hour. And since we’re here…”

So we saw Matrix Reloaded again last night. All but the first ten minutes, that is, because the theatre where we were supposed to see it was all dark, and they’d relocated the viewing to another theatre without putting up a sign or a note or anything. What is customer service coming to these days?

Happy Friday to those whose work week ends today!