Daily Archives: May 16, 2003


Three States Aim to Outlaw Eco-Protests

What’s next – complete abolishment of free speech?

And at the other end of the spectrum, science has established the optimum method of shoe lacing. Thank goodness; I don’t know how much longer we could have gone on…

See what happens when I work at the computer? I blog as I find nifty stuff while I research. When I don’t work, I don’t blog. You can be thankful or disappointed, as you like.

I’m done now, though. I need another Advil or two; my neck hurts.


After an hour and a half break to take an Advil, make and eat dinner, and have a glass of wine, I’m back at the computer. Hey, don’t try to stop me. I’ve been restless and not-work-y for the past ten days; let me work while I’m happy to work!

Besides, it benefits two parties: the employer who needs this freelance work done, and me, because my work makes money so that I can buy more books. (This is serious. I’m currently in the throes of Egyptian and Norse mythology heaven, and I’ve got a list of titles I want as long as my arm.) Plus I’m multi-tasking: while one page loads, I’m searching out new links with the other.

Eventually I’ll stop, and I’ll watch Buffy or something. Speaking of, was anyone else left a bit off-balance by the Angel season finale? It was great, and tied up loose ends while preparing for a new season, but I guess I’m just too used to mass violence and cataclysm on Angel these days. There was surprisingly little cataclysmic action in this episode. It made for a nice break for the characters, of course – who, come to think of it, were left as equally off-balance.


I’ve been sailing along through this research, and all of a sudden, I’m forced to take another break; the server which hosts the pages I’m working on is overloaded and has politely asked me to come back later. Well, it’s one way to make sure I take time to stretch and munch something, and pour myself some iced tea (I gave up on the hot kind; it kept cooling before I got to drink it).

On my travels about today, I came across this article on the growing pains of Asatru on the Asatru Folk Assembly site , the modern Norse reconstructionist religion, comparable to traditional Wicca being a reconstruction of Celtic-Britannic spirituality. It seems that they’re addressing many of the same problems the eclectic Pagan community is addressing: the evolution from a hearth/home-based religion to a public religion, the problem of clergy, the problem of congregation in a non-organised religion, and the issue of money. I found it interesting.


Apparently this one of those days where I work non-stop and make up for the days when I can’t face the computer.

My eyes hurt after four hours at the computer. And I really ought to make tea and have breakfast. Or lunch, evidently, now that I look at the clock…

More Powerful Than You CAn Possibly Imagine

Never underestimate the power a single lightbulb can have. No, that’s not a pun; I’m serious. Yesterday I picked up two of those new-ish GE Reveal lightbulbs, the ones with a faint blue-violet tint to the glass. I put one in the light that hangs over my computer, and there’s a world of difference. It’s much more like natural light.

My next trip to the hardware store will involve the purchase of a club-pack of these things to put in every single socket in the apartment. I’m not kidding.

My husband made an official date with me to see Matrix Reloaded tomorrow after I teach. I anticipate much gleeful geeking out with colleagues next week, just as much geeking as X2 got. Well, maybe not; Matrix Reloaded doesn’t have Hugh Jackman, after all. Keanu’s just not in the same league, you know?